Thursday, October 26, 7pm | Virtual
An interview with Nik Sharma (A Brown Table) about his new book, Veg-Table, a virtual event with The Hudson Library and Historical Society. [Tickets + details]

New! The Smitten Kitchen x Williams Sonoma Thanksgiving Tour [Tickets + Details]

Thursday, January 25, 2024, 7:30pm | Seattle
A Conversation with J. Kenji López‑Alt and Deb Perelman: In‑Person & Online
Tickets + details

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        1. Emily Wymore

          I have a restaurant in St Louis with an amazing event space adjacent AND wonderful neighborhood bookstore that would love to be a part of an event! I’ve been following you for so long—over 12 years! Would be an honor❤️

                1. Robyn

                  Double yay for Vancouver!! Been following your blog since I lived in NY in 2006 and I’m so amazed and happy that you’re still going!

    1. Kristen Gozo

      I would love for you to come to Texas. If you decide to make it all of the way to Waco, we have a cute little bookstore named Fabled! Otherwise, I’m determined to make the drive to see you this tour!

    2. Andrea

      Requesting a Tampa stop, but I would probably drive to Orlando.

      Maybe I could talk some other moms into it and make it an overnight. Eat at Jaleo at Disney Springs, do some shopping. OK, I’ve talked myself into Orlando, please do come.

  1. Maryam

    Please come to Edmonton, AB or sell signed books from a Canadian location so shipping doesn’t cost as much as the book! And I promise to never judge the way you cut a sandwich 😂

    1. Lee-Ann

      Yes, I’m hoping for a Vancouver date! Great food scene here and you will love it. You are coming all the way up the west coast, no point in ending in Seattle….take the drive up to YVR please!

  2. Ires

    Hello ! Delighted for the new book ! Above it says Boston Wed, Dec 7, but on the Brookline/Coolidge site it says Thurs, Dec 8. Since I might actually make it to this one just wanted to check. Take care!

  3. Andrea

    As a Jersey girl now living in Cleveland, I’m selfishly requesting you consider adding more stops in the midwest, specifically Cleveland, so we can discuss all things bagels (just one of the many things I miss terribly from home). We got to hang briefly on your first book tour when you were at the Barnes & Noble in Raritan, and I’m not ashamed to admit I was fangirling.

    1. Mindy

      I agree– I mean, why is it always Philly and not Pittsburgh?!?! Anyone in Jersey or Eastern PA could easily go to one of the several NYC dates. We’d eagerly welcome Ohioans if it meant that we got an event in the best city in Pennsylvania. =]

  4. Franci

    So happy to see you are coming to Seattle. I’ve been using your recipes for a few years now – everything comes out great and I get rave reviews when sharing with others.

    1. Hey Deb – Try coming to the Atlanta area – If you need a contact of a place to go I might be able to help! I started following you when I lived in California and I have been following you for so many years I forgot when I started. Congratulations on the new book!

  5. Elizabeth Perkis

    Have you ever been to Charleston, SC? It’s a very nice place with tons of excellent restaurants. I’ll take you to dinner! 😉

      1. Kristine A Kessler

        How about visiting the Mid-Atlantic Region? Any chance of book signing in Rehoboth Beach DE? Maryland or Virginia? I’ll most likely purchase the book; but, I would love to meet the author!

  6. Cindy D

    I pre-ordered your cookbook already, and can’t wait to see you! Are you doing live book signings at your events? (ie: Do I just purchase a ticket, or a ticket AND signed book?) Thank you!

  7. hi there Deb!

    Would you be interested in adding Vermont to your Spring tour?
    I work at both Kiss the Cook Kitchen Shop on Church Street in Burlington, and also at the South Burlington Public Library. The library has a spanky new 100 seat auditorium which just recently hosted Gregory Maguire in May. Our favorite local independent bookstore supplied books for the author signing, which we could easily do for you. We would LOVE to host you!
    I hope you will consider.
    Thank you for your time.

    It would be so much fun to collaborate!

  8. Stacey

    If I purchase the ticket option without the book, am I allowed to bring my copy of the book to be signed? I want the book in my hands on release day, I don’t think I can wait another two weeks :)

  9. Jennifer Coyle

    Your website is the best! I/ve loved your videos and every recipe I have tried… (It feels like an old friend is visiting me when I engage.)
    So sorry you’re not coming to Utah or Montana~
    Safe travels,
    Jennifer Coyle

  10. Sara


    If you love barbeque, please schedule Kansas City, Missouri on your upcoming book tour. It is a very friendly city and I would love to have you sign my pre-ordered copy.

    Sara Spinden

  11. Pam

    Come to Nashville! We are more than country music. We re a foodie paradise with great chefs and restaurants from many different cultures.

  12. Patti Michel-Evleth

    Every time one of your cookbooks is published and you go on tour, I am also traveling, taking a long road trip – to the opposite side of the country!! I hope I will meet you some day. You are my go-to for all things cooking. Have a great tour!

  13. Marcia Gillman

    What?? A book tour stop in Toronto but no stop in Montreal? Oh Deb…you’ve just added fuel to the fire in the longstanding Toronto-Montreal rivalry!

  14. Helen Miller

    Yes, definitely Vermont. It’s not only the most beautiful state in the nation, we have cold winters and stay home using your recipes to cook wonderful meals. Please consider us.

  15. Sandra Glass

    How about Scottsdale, AZ? I have already pre-ordered your latest cookbook and would love to tell you, in person, how much I enjoy all your recipes as well as checking out videos. You’re a gem!

  16. Joanne Baker

    Denver dates all booked!?!?! The day you announced your book tour!?!? Wow. My pre-order for the new book is already entered through Amazon.

  17. Maureen Bieber

    Any chance you’d ever be in AZ for the tour? Otherwise I’d need to drive to CA! Love your blog and books–always something interesting!

  18. MJ

    Does this mean that I should cancel my current order so I can buy your new book when you come to Portland? Or is it okay to bring in a copy I already have?

  19. Trish Hooper

    Wow, the gourmet capital of the South and you’re not coming to Houston, TX? Too bad, you’re gonna miss some really good food. Houston has a foodie reputation.

    1. Molly

      Any chance NC could be on the list? Durham, Raleigh, Charlotte? Durham is the coolest and has wonderful restaurants, but very willing to travel!!! :)

  20. Leslie

    You are going to Colorado but not extending it just a bit more for Utah? You were very successful at The King’s English in Salt Lake City maybe 10 years ago, and I would LOVE to see you again.

    And congratulations on what looks to be yet another very successful book!

  21. Misty

    We are hoping to see you come upstate. Kingston or Troy? Do I need to have a book store request it? I could think of quite a few groupies that would love to attend.

  22. Longtime NW fan

    I had tickets for your first stop in NYC for the day Tropical Storm Sandy hit at the beginning of your first book tour. I was out off town when you came to Seattle, my home city. My youngest daughter lived in NYC at the time and purchased the tickets for your postponed first stop of your tour. I was deeply disappointed at missing your tour; I even made my daughter go with me to where the book tour was supposed to meet just to make sure you weren’t there.

    My daughter attended the rescheduled book tour date in NYC , purchased your cook book for both of us and had them autographed. Your book was my Christmas present.

    My daughter introduced me to your blog early on and I have introduced multiple friends to your cook book which they then purchased.

    My daughter and I love your blog and cookbooks. Please keep blogging!!

    And we loved the arrival of each child and your pictures to watch them grow. Are you sure your son is getting ready for his Bar Mitzvah . He cannot be 13 already

  23. Jackie

    Alaska is but a short hop from Seattle – Anchorage would welcome your visit. Title Wave Books, while small, would be a lovely venue. Just sayin’.

  24. JaneR

    Please come to Warwick’s in La Jolla (San Diego)! The country’s oldest continuously family-owned and operated bookstore. Wonderful independent bookstore!!

  25. Melody

    Would love to help welcome you to Durham, NC! Lots of great restaurants and local bookstores in the Triangle area! (And would pair nicely with stops in ATL, Charleston, SC, and farther south :) )

  26. Samantha Poliskey


    Thank you for your delicious recipes. You have helped me discover my love for cooking and it’s been a joy to walk with you through your blog and prior cookbooks.

    I’m hoping your tour will stop in Michigan! Would you consider a visit to Grand Rapids? We have a lovely city near Lake Michigan and I think you’d have a great turn out! There are a number of cute little bookshops and a good friend of mine works at a new one – Plumbfield Books in Ada!

  27. Gayle Samuels

    Hi Deb, any details on the book signing in Irvine? I may plan to travel there with a girlfriend celebrating my 65th birthday..We love you and NEED to meet you!!!
    If not Phoenix/Scottsdale would be amazing.. would not think to ask to come to Detroit in the winter!

  28. Jayne Edge

    Deb, please come south on your book tour! We have a great locally owned bookstore (coffee shop and bar) called Page & Palette. We have a lovely town full of artists and writers – Fairhope, AL. P&P has book signings and presentations from authors almost every week.
    Let me know if I can help plan a stop in a future Southern swing!

  29. David Niethamer

    **PLEASE** come to Richmond, Virginia! the Richmond Public Library, or Henrico County Library you;d probably have a space for something like this.

  30. Haviva Parnes

    Anyone out there have an extra ticket to the December 5th live event in DC that they would be willing to sell to me? I will be in DC for work (I am out of town for the event locally for me in Boston) and just took too long to figure it all out and now the event is sold out. Anyone able to do me a solid??? :-) Haviva

  31. Evelyn Marsh

    If any of you wonderful Bostonians have extra tickets or if your plans change I would be SO grateful to buy them from you! I somehow managed not to click “purchase” for the tickets in my cart and now they are sold out. I need three but will gratefully take even one from any of you. Thank you so much!

  32. Linda Lefton

    LA is more than Irvine and Pasadena…..the entire San Fernando valley is wanting you, especially out in the West valley. So near but yet so far!

  33. marilyn schorr

    Hi Deb,

    I wanted to buy 1 or 2 of your books as a birthday present for my step daughter. I would like them inscribed Happy Birthday Jennifer….but I went to the Strand website and could not figure out how to do this. It sounded like it might be possible. Any suggestions?


  34. Jessica

    Any chance you might add another event in Boston? The “Talk” portion of the event on December 8 is completely sold out, and I would so love to see you speak!

  35. any chance we could get you to Ketchum Idaho after the Seattle book events? I work for a non-profit arts organization and wonder if there might be a way to make an event with this book tour you’ll be on?

  36. Jessica Turco

    aaahhhh!!! I went into Eventbrite the day your book tour was released and bought 2 tickets for my bestie and me to attend your talk + signing in Boston…so I thought…? I made some sort of mistake and did not actually fully purchase them, and now they are sold out! Are there any magical ways to buy 2 tickets to the talk in Boston? We CANNOT imagine missing it! (insert fingers crossed emoji)

  37. Wendy Robertson

    Hi Deb,

    My daughters and I would love to come to your Toronto book tour. I keep looking, but sadly there aren’t any details yet. I hope that you’ll let us know soon so we can book our tickets.

  38. Natalia Burke

    After Seattle, you should pop up to Bellingham, Wa. It’s about an hour and a half north of Seattle… Small town vibe, great coffee and beer, and a fabulous independent bookstore called Village Books that would love to host you! Come see us so I can thank you in person for all the birthday cake recipes you’ve helped me make for my kids over the years ☺️

  39. Ilana cohen

    Hi, fantastic schedule! I noticed you are coming to JccSf in January and then to Santa cruz. If you have any interest, I would be happy to help your team arrange a south bay stop in between- Palo Alto or San Jose. I do some local event organizing. I’m excited about the book regardless!

  40. Mary Dolan

    Please try and add Petaluma California as one of your stops. Copperfield Books hosts lots of author events in many of their 5 stores up this way

  41. Susan

    So excited for your next book. You signed my copies of your first two books on my birthday at Vroman’s (feels like a loooong time ago!). Safe travels on your tour.

  42. Karen Anne Richardson

    If I pre-ordered the book from a seller other than The Strand, am I still eligible to join the Nov. 9 cooking demo? So excited about this!!

  43. Meredith

    Oh I wish you could add Dallas on January 13 as I’ll be there. And I imagine Dallas is an easier add than Anchorage, AK! :)

  44. Libby

    Hello! Is there a ticket option for the SF event that doesn’t include a book? I have already preordered (yay!) and don’t need a second book.

    1. deb

      I’m not sure why Vancouver isn’t on the schedule this time — I’ve definitely asked because I know there’s interest. Sometimes it can help for you to reach out to a store you love that hosts authors and tell them you want me to come. Stores that get a lot of requests for authors put in event requests with publishers, i.e. the process usually goes in that direction.

      1. Célia

        Deb, if your venues in Seattle aren’t set in stone, might I suggest Third Place Books in Lake Forest Park or Brick and Mortar Books in Redmond? Two great independent bookstores in the suburbs. Looking forward to seeing you when you’re in town!

  45. Lisa Saitz

    Please, please have videos for fans like me and lots others who can’t do the eveing trips (into the city) or for whatever reason.

    Live and catching the sparkle is always the best.

    I live closest to Theodore’s Books in Oyster Bay!

  46. Angela Cunningham

    Will there be more dates offered 2023-East coast (mid Atlantic)?

    Timing is so packed from Nov. -Dec with holiday things but I would love to hear and meet you!


  47. Tom Pawlowski

    Hello –

    When in Philly, if you have the time – you should swing by the Italian Market on South Ninth Street (open every day). There’s a great family run cookware store (established in 1906) in the middle of things [ ] – but closed on Tuesdays. You might want to try an event there

    And/or the Reading Terminal Market (closer to the Free Library) in center city at 10th & Filbert.

    Have fun. Stay safe. Go Phils!


  48. Seating for Boston Brookline Coolidge Corner event is sold out. I’m SOOOO disappointed. Any chance you can add a second night? Maybe the Somerville Theater in Davis Square?

  49. Nancy Micca

    We already booked a hotel to attend the event in Spartanburg and had seen it was a free event no ticket needed. Just checked back and see there is an optional registration with a link no longer available. Will we get in? It’s 3 hrs from where we live in Gso and would LOVE to be able to attend.

  50. Elle M

    Deb!! Is there any way you can come to Dallas?? Tuesday? Friday? My birthday is the 16th! What a fun treat it would be! My best friend got me a signed copy of SK Every Day in Toronto and I’d love to get to meet you myself! Love, long time SK fiend, Elle

  51. Susan Turregano

    OMG! How did little Spartanburg make this list with Boston, DC, Philly?? Holy Cow! I have followed you for years and have 2 of your books. I will be there in Spartanburg on Dec 12th! Thank You!!

  52. Since you will be in Texas in January, I’m just wondering if you would like to come in a day early or stay over a day to plan an event with us at Central Market in one of our North Texas stores. The event would be in the Dallas area. Either a demo & book signing or just a book signing, which ever you prefer.
    I look forward to hearing from you.

  53. janet

    Please come to San Diego on your book tour. We love you too…..and we are a wonderful city with fantastic cuisine….Warwick’s book store in La Jolla is the bomb. Pretty please, with sugar on top?

      1. Dee

        I know- but no funds to buy it yet….:) I will go to a potluck in your honor, here in Kirkland WA 12/10/2022 at 6pm, and they asked us to cook something from your book…U can be part of this event, if you want on Zoom. They will be amazed- girls here love you, immensely.

        Just want to impress them with this ….Can you share, please?

  54. Deb

    Ever hear of something that looks like rugelach but is yeasted and without cheese or sour cream called pudikuchen?
    We put walnuts and spread home made (and usually gathered) plum pear jam on it before rolling it up, slicing it and placing on the pan to bake.
    Family recipe is lost and it seems so strange I haven’t turned up anything like it elsewhere.

    1. Deb

      The dough was on the loose side and probably had eggs in it. Childhood cooking experience much repeated but it was a long time ago.

  55. Holly

    Just found out you will be in Columbus, OH. Do you have any plans to visit Cleveland? I am hoping that Cuyahoga County Public library has booked you!

  56. Sarah McEvoy

    I’m interested in signing up for Jan.27 Vancouver BC event- but still not seeing update with details – just want to be sure I’m not missing something- both Seattle events are sold out-

  57. Janet Vandenbergh

    Any chance you’d consider Madison, Wi for a book stop. Sure it’s cold here, but we have warm hearts, warm kitchens and we love you.

  58. Rita

    Please come to the Holy City of Charleston, SC!
    The food scene in this town is incredible! All the foodies would come out for you!!
    March is a beautiful time of year:)

  59. Juanita McSweeney

    Please add a stop at Mrs. Dalloway’s in Berkeley on Friday January 20th! I know it’s a night off, but I could have you to dinner or go with you to Chez Panisse and take you to visit my favorite produce market or just wait on you hand and foot! You could meet my amazing daughter who first introduced me to your blog. A visit to the east bay and Berkeley is definitely missing from your itinerary and I’d love to see that change!

  60. Lisa

    Wondering if you’d consider a book tour stop in St Louis, MO….I just moved here and am impressed with their food scene! Your cookbooks are my favorite go-to’s!

  61. Mary

    Deb, wouldn’t you LOVE to travel to the southern coast of Maine just when NY is so hot you can’t stand it, say…. mid July? I’m sure there’s a bookstore or library who would love to host you.

  62. Stephanie Phillips

    I just saw that you were coming to Van today to Flourist. It’s basically like my worlds colliding as I’m a NYer and huge lover of your blog and cookbooks (for YEARS) and was just pulling out the birthday cake recipe that I have used for almost every one of my son’s 12 years. Anyway, hope to make it today as Flourist is also my go to for just about everything and I’m glad you are making it there!

  63. Christy

    I was over the moon when I saw your book tour included Santa Cruz, and pounced on tickets. After all these years, I’d be seeing you in person!
    Then, as the day approached, it turned out I had to be in… NYC! Missed the event.
    Just wanted to add my fan girl admiration to the chorus. As I tell folks, it’s not just the food, but the WRITING that captivates me…

  64. Claire August

    So disappointed that Sacramento CA did not make the cut for the book tour. There are so many enthusiastic cooks here! Hoping you will find a way to fit us in the next time you are in the northern CA area.

  65. Judy

    We have all three of your delightful books and are loving with a “L” the slow roasted chicken with schmaltzy croutons in Keepers.
    Best chicken ever and the croutons make stuffing passé.
    Our deepest thanks for this wonderful recipe.
    Kind regards

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  67. Susan Adams

    I took Keepers with me on a ski trip last week. Our condo had a “full kitchen,” in the sense of appliances and pots and pans, but not much else: salt and pepper, balsamic vinegar, a tired bottle of olive oil — full stop. I Do Not Cook on Ski Weeks beyond scrounging for a bit of breakfast before we head out. So my larder was skimpy to non-existent.

    A slew of winter storms kept us off the mountain for several days and Keepers was my reading companion. Note I said “reading,” not “cooking.” What a pleasure it was to simply read your book. No little voice urging me to find something for dinner, no checking the ingredient list against my pantry stock. Just sinking into a lovely space where I felt like you were talking to me.

    Toward the end of the week, I got serious, identified the first recipes I would make when we returned, and made my shopping list. Dinner tonight will be essential french onion soup. My sincere thanks for my new favorite cookbook. It’s a winner!

  68. Sarah

    Don’t skip Milwaukee! We have such a beautiful city. We are home to The Spice House and Penzeys. Milk! Cheese! Beer!

    Even Bruce Springsteen is coming.

  69. Linda Werner

    I have been trying to find upcoming events with Deb in Souther California. My daughter in law loves all Smitten books and Deb so want to gift her a demo or book talk. PLEASE respond to me for events from July 2023.

    1. deb

      I’ve just added two more for the fall. There’s nothing else on my schedule right now but more should be added as we get closer to the fall. I will not be book touring this summer.

  70. Jocelyn Schuman

    Hi Deb,
    I just saw that your cooking class in Scottsdale is sold out. Anyway to get a ticket for the class? I was so bummed when I saw that it was sold out. Please let me know. Thank you.