chicken rice with buttered onions

Over the last few years, and particularly during those long months of 2020, we got really into variations on “chicken rice” — chicken and rice cooked together in an aromatic broth that together is the most cozy, comforting thing. The rice is crazy flavorful, drinking up any seasonings and/or vegetables you add to the pan. The chicken is tender and juicy. The dish keeps well even if I’m making it many hours earlier than dinner and the leftovers are phenomenal. It’s relatively inexpensive and I’ve almost always got at least the rice and various pantry items around to make it work. It should run for president.

chicken rice with buttered onions-1
chicken rice with buttered onions-2I’ve made versions with almost every regional or seasonal flavor group I was craving that day, but the one that has proven to have the most staying power is perhaps unsurprisingly the simplest, the one I can make from the one thing I’ll have around even when the fridge is sparse: onions. We brown chicken thighs in a hot pan, then add a lump of butter and a heap of diced onions to the drippings and cook them down until the onions are golden and sweet throughout, darker and deeply caramelized at the edges. We reserve some of these copper, almost jammy onions then build the rest of the dish on this foundation, adding thyme, a splash of wine, chicken broth, plus the rice and chicken thighs and they all finish cooking together.

chicken rice with buttered onions-3
chicken rice with buttered onions-4

At the end, we scatter the top with the reserved onions and I … want to take a nap in the pan. No seriously: It’s like a thick comforter on a shivery rainy day, it tastes the way the first hot cup of coffee of the season feels in your hands, and it smells the way you dream your home will when you open the door after an exhausting day, or so seems to be the reaction from my two most opinionated dinner guests.

chicken rice with buttered onions-5
chicken rice with buttered onions-6

If you don’t mind me prattling on further — I’m having a moment today! — I feel staunchly that one way we can make cooking feel like more than just a list of endless tasks to complete, even though it’s definitely often that, and more than about pleasing the people who it feeds, elusive as that can be with kids or really any time validation comes from the outside, is to focus on how it feels to make something that tastes, smells, and feels phenomenal and this, for me, is very much that.


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chicken rice with buttered onions-9

Chicken Rice with Buttered Onions

  • Servings: 4 to 6
  • Source: Smitten Kitchen
  • Print

Note: I’ve bumped up the amount of broth based on comments from people who found their rice undercooked.

  • 2 to 2 1/4 pounds bone-in, skin-on chicken thighs (4 to 6)
  • Kosher salt and freshly ground black pepper
  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • 3 tablespoons unsalted butter, divided
  • 1 1/2 pounds (3 large) yellow onions, diced into just shy of 1/2″ pieces
  • Leaves stripped from a few sprigs of thyme
  • 1 1/2 cups uncooked white rice, any variety
  • 1/4 cup white wine (optional)
  • 2 cups chicken broth and up to 1/4 cup more if needed (updated)

Prepare the chicken: Arrange chicken skin side up on a plate and season generously on top with salt and freshly ground black pepper. We’ll get to the undersides in a minute.

Heat a large sauté pan, preferably one with a lid, over medium-high heat for one minute. Once the pan is very hot, add 1 tablespoon olive oil and 1 tablespoon butter, and heat them together for another full minute. Arrange chicken skin side down and cook until deeply brown underneath, about 4 to 5 minutes. [Don’t crowd the chicken; depending on the size of your pan, you might need to do this in two batches.] While it browns, season what is now the top side with additional salt and pepper. Once browned, flip the pieces over and brown on the second side, about another 3 to 4 minutes. Don’t skimp on the color, please. Transfer the chicken to a plate.

Prepare the buttered onions: Leave the pan on medium-high and add 2 tablespoons butter to fat and juices in it. Once melted, add the onions and season with 1 teaspoon kosher salt. Cook the onions for about 15 minutes total, or until golden throughout and darker brown at the edges, stirring every couple minutes. In the beginning, the onions are watery; once the water has cooked off and the onions begin to pick up color, I reduce the heat to medium for the remaining time. Carefully taste and season with more salt, if desired, and lots of freshly ground black pepper. Remove 1/3 cup of onions and set aside until the end.

Finish the chicken and rice: Add thyme and dried rice and cook with the onions for 1 minute. Add the wine, if using, and cook until it disappears, about 1 to 2 minutes. Scrape down the pan sides, pushing any dried rice and onions back to the bottom. Return the chicken thighs to the pan skin side up, spacing them out. Carefully pour 2 cups (updated amount) of the broth around chicken. Bring the pan to a simmer then reduce to the lowest simmer and cover. Cook rice and chicken together for 25 minutes, or until rice is tender. If rice is not tender at 25 minutes, add remaining 1/4 cup broth and return to the heat for another 5 to 10 minute4s.

To finish and serve: Off heat, rest the dish for 5 to 10 minutes before serving. Scatter with reserved buttered onions and scoop it onto plates.

Do ahead: This keeps so well. I reheat it covered in an oven-safe dish at 350 degrees for 15 to 30 minutes, until the chicken is warm. To freeze, well, I’m just going to say it: I’ll pack it ingloriously in a freezer bag and press out the extra air. Defrost in the fridge for a day, if you have time, then rewarm as written above.

Notes/anticipated questions:

  • Can I use different bone-in, skin-on chicken parts? Yes. Larger chicken breasts can take longer to cook. Look for ones on the smaller side (8 ounces). If they’re larger, I’ll sometimes split them in half so that they cook through by the time the rice is done.
  • Can I use boneless, skinless chicken cutlets? Yes. I’d use thighs since they’re less likely to dry out, and even though it won’t be as pretty, I’d probably skip browning them so they don’t overcook by the time the rice is done.
  • What can I use instead of wine? I’d use 2 tablespoons white wine vinegar and 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon sugar.
  • Can I make chicken rice with buttered onions without butter? Yes, olive oil or another fat will work fine, but of course a key part of the flavor will be different.
  • How do I make this even more buttery? When the chicken and rice are done but haven’t rested yet, dot the dish with 1 to 2 additional tablespoons butter, cut into small bits, then replace the lid and let it rest for the 5 to 10 minutes suggested.
  • A better than bouillon concentrate hack: The best chicken broth is homemade. My second favorite comes from Better Than Bouillon. The jar instructions are to add 1 teaspoon per 1 cup of hot water before using it but I am lazy and add the concentrate directly to aromatics in the pan — here, along with the thyme and dried rice — and cook it in for a minute to distribute the blob of concentrate. Then I add measured water when the recipe calls for broth.
  • Note: The thyme inside the dish is for flavor; the thyme on top is for aesthetics on a very brown dish.

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285 comments on chicken rice with buttered onions

  1. Erika’s Test Kitchen

    I am so glad to join you in the club of lazy BTB users who just drop the concentrate in the pan like a spice and add water.

    1. k

      Count me in this club as well. It’s also a great reason to use a hot water kettle (hi, tea drinkers of the world): spoon concentrate into big pot, pour in boiling water, stir.

      1. Ginger

        Yep! That’s exactly how I do it as well. It’s never done me wrong. I’ll also plop a teaspoon of it in my rice cooker when making rice, along with a pat of butter, making sure to open it up halfway through cooking to stir it once. This makes the tastiest wild rice blend with mushroom (or chicken) BTB.

          1. Rheannon

            I made this as written except that I reduced the amount of onions because I only had just under 2 lbs of thighs and I didn’t want the onions to overwhelm the dish. Otherwise, this was easy and fun to make and it was absolutely delicious. Things I would do differently next time (and there will be a next time) is use more chicken, at least 2 1/2 lbs and keep the onion amount reduced. I used 1 1/2 lg onions and that was plenty. Oh, and I might wait to add the chicken back in until the rice has cooked a bit, as it was a tad overcooked by the time the rice was done. As written though, excellent recipe. Definitely a keeper.

          2. DMH

            Sooooo delicious and savory! Who knew the rice would be this good? I feel fancy now, I came home and made this after a full day of work and it wasn’t too hard and there was downtime – hurrah! Thanks again, Deb! 🙏🏼

    2. JBP

      I make a v. similar recipe, w/same method, but using oregano plus garlic and oil without butter—I learned it from a Joy of Cooking recipe that I left the peas out of! We cook a separate veg.
      I still use the 1 to 2 rice method, at a low simmer, and the rice is fine. White rice—I do think brown would take too long and dry out the chicken. I only ever use skinless chicken thighs (I’m no fun, right?), and always brown them some for color and flavor. It’s a family favorite, and I’m eager to try this butter/oregano version for variety! Thanks!

  2. renee

    I was going to make that NYT pizza chicken thing tonight, but it looks like a pain and my daughter seemed apprehensive, so I’ll make this instead–but I’ve got all this pancetta so it’s going in. Wish me luck.

      1. Renee

        No, it was excellent! Used a little less butter, of course. I browned it with the oil, took it out, and then added it back in with the dry rice. The real bonus was the fantastic fried rice the next day (we had one spare thigh). Just added a handful of frozen peas, an egg, and soy sauce.

  3. Melissa

    Hi there – this looks amazing! A question not in the list already – can I use brown rice? I assume I should let the rice cook a bit before adding the chicken back in, otherwise the same?

    1. Heather

      (ahem) I did NOT read the recipe carefully and added brown rice… it takes a LOT longer to cook…(about 25 min longer) but the results were excellent!

    2. Julia McFadden

      I have made a brown rice variation of this dish for 30 years – and it’s a comforting favorite. I cut up a whole chicken. The original recipe used a dry onion packet, a can of mushroom soup, orange juice, and cooking wine, but I always used real onions and mushrooms, and changed up the flavorings depending on mood.

  4. sarrible

    This looks absolutely delicious, and I’m thrilled that I bought ten pounds of onions and a six-pack of bone-in, skin-on chicken thighs at Costco on Monday. I have everything I need—even the thyme!

    1. LitProf

      To “to focus on how it feels to make something that tastes, smells, and feels phenomenal” — you read my late-Thursday-afternoon mind, which was stress-ridden with All The Usual Boring Things, and I found the comfort I sought in your Pasta with Broccoli Cream Pesto recipe. My family dove in with pleasure and joy and all the bowls were empty and there was happiness everywhere. I’ll be making this new chicken dish tomorrow night and I know it will be as phenomenal as you say it is! Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  5. Sarah in Vancouver

    These one pan meals with rice appeal to me so much but my rice is ALWAYS raw and crunchy :(. My rental stove is not the best so I wonder if my “low” is too low for these recipes. Should I turn it up a bit?

      1. Sarah in Vancouver

        thank you- worth a try as the rice crunch happened AGAIN last weekend when I tried a different chicken rice skillet. Oven sounds worth a try, and fitting for me as Rice is my #1 cooking fail and in fact the only way I can make it is baked.
        otherwise I thought browning the chicken very well first then doing the rest of recipe in the Instant Pot would also likely yield better success for me, as a rice challenged cook. Just not sure on cooking time or liquid level for the IP.

        1. Kelly

          Hi, I used to fail at cooking rice too, but if you wrap the lid with a tea towel and make sure to knot it on the top it will help keep the moisture in. Also, cook at a low temp. This has always worked with any pot I use.

      2. Judith Gorman

        I made this tonight. Absolutely delicious. A real comfort food. Will make again. I used a good vermouth instead of wine because I didn’t want to open a bottle.

    1. Jill in VA

      My best rice success comes when I use a heavy enameled cast iron pan with a very heavy lid. If the lid “lifts” a little when starting the “low” phase, I will weight it down (like with another cast iron pan upside down) OR cover the pot with foil and re-lid.
      Also, check your rice package’s directions. If it says to rinse the rice, rinse the rice. I typically haven’t rinsed, but there is so much variability now in rices and they way they’ve been treated before reaching you that I do what the package tells me to do.

    2. What kind of rice are you using? I get that the instructions suggest that all rice is created equal, but I’m not sure that’s true across all varieties, which are, as my old pappy used to say (possibly still does), legion.

    1. LD

      I’m not Deb, but a half cup of peas or 1-inch asparagus pieces could be a nice addition. Add in the last 5-7 minutes, cover, and they’ll be cooked but still bright green. Plus they’ll add a bit of crunch.

      1. Amy Mitchell

        Made this tonight, and it was just okay. Rice took 15 minutes longer because it was crunchy. It also needed more liquid. The chicken skin was not crisp. We won’t be making this again. I think this might be the first recipe we weren’t smitten with. Oh, well.

        1. I wouldn’t expect crisp chicken skin from a dish that was covered for the final 25min. That’s going to create a very moist environment, and moisture is the enemy of crisp. Notably, “crisp” doesn’t appear anywhere in the recipe. Techniques for getting crispy chicken skin abound, but elsewhere.

        2. Emily

          I just made this tonight (fortunately after the recipe had been updated to 2 cups of water) and the rice was perfectly cooked. I did end up having to leave it on for an extra 20 minutes for the chicken to be up to temp (I was using thick bone-in thighs) so that may have helped. Very flavorful and juicy. I used a non-dairy butter which worked fine, and plenty of dried thyme. Rice was a medium white Nishiki that usually takes 20 minutes on the stove. Yum!

          1. Louise

            I made this last night and it was delicious and comforting. Added a broccoli side and – perfection. Perfect Thursday night meal and even my teenagers liked it – which is saying something.

    2. Mary P.

      I just made this and had some fresh spinach, so I put about a cup of leaves over the top while it was resting after cooking and put the lid back on. Really good and the green leaves brighten up the plate!

      1. Catherine

        Mainly thinking about cook time. Usually larger things in the oven take longer to cook. Curious if it will mess with timing of rice, etc but you’re right I might be over thinking it!

      1. Colleen Hardin

        Thinking about doing all steps but final cooking, throwing in a 9×13 dish and baking the following day. Any suggestions for temperature and cooking time?

        Side note: Have been following you for years. Love your content and recipes-have never not liked the results. ❤️

  6. Jane

    Making this as we speak. I had the chicken thighs defrosted but was uninspired by the recipe I originally planned, so I’m pivoting :) I only have Marsala though, so it’s going to be a bit sweeter than written. Cheers!

  7. Nicole B.

    This looks cozy and wonderful and I can’t wait to try it as written. I am, however, very interested in hearing more about the variations you mentioned!

  8. Adrianne V Finlay

    This looks wonderful, and I already know everyone in my house will like it. We have a big bag of frozen chicken leg quarters. Could that possibly work fine with this recipe? Would there be any changes one would need to make, or any challenges to using this cut?

    1. Annie McG

      Yes! Been making a similar version for years! Check to make sure your rice cooker can cook more than 1 1/2 uncooked rice. I brown the chicken in a pan, will brown the onions in the same pan. I usually also add a bit of butter to the pan and saute the rice until it gets a bit translucent and put rice and pan scraping into the rice cooker. (Mix the rice with onions as per recipe) Top with the chicken. Use your rice cooker’s measurements for liquid to rice!

    2. S

      I halved the recipe and cooked it in the rice cooker. Started the onions and rice on the stove as instructed then transferred them to my Zojirushi, added water to the one measure mark then nestled in the chicken. Everything was cooked perfectly and I’m at 7500 feet!

  9. Sara

    Followed this to a T tonight (other than using salted butter) and it’s super good. I found that the rice only needed 15 min or so, and I added a lot of salt at the end so don’t be shy in adding some throughout!
    I feel like it’s begging for an acid at the end, but I’m not sure what that would be. Next time I might add a citrusy or balsamic salad on the side – that might help.
    Can’t wait to eat the leftovers! Another great classic from Deb – WORTH getting the fresh thyme, trust me!

    1. Cy

      I often like a little acid on a dish after cooking; sometimes a squeeze of lemon, sometimes a splash of vinegar, even Crystal or Tabasco for some heat and acid!

  10. Phyllis

    Can’t wait to try this one today! Can you recommend the type of sauté pan to use? I did chicken thighs in a pan recently, and rather than that rich brown/golden color, they were pinkish! Ew.
    I never know what pans to use. What is the best for this type of dish? (please be specific)

    1. Sarah

      Deb suggests “large sauté pan, preferably one with a lid” and “Don’t crowd the chicken; depending on the size of your pan, you might need to do this in two batches.” I’d use what you have, and follow these guidelines. If you’re looking to buy, Deb’s post “build your own Smitten kitchen” references this one, which I bought years ago and like, too: All-Clad D3 3-Ply Stainless Steel Sauté Pan with Lid 3 Quart Induction Oven Broil Safe 600F Pots and Pans, Cookware

      1. Laurie Robertson

        Very good! My rice was cooked beautifully. I used jasmine rice. Sake instead of wine. And Better than Bouillon sautéed onion. Also added some hatch green Chile flakes.

  11. Becky O’Neil

    Love it! I make a variation of this as my winter comfort dinner. I add sofrito with my stock and a handful of frozen peas at the end for color. Sometimes I’ll add sautéed kielbasa. I will try it with extra onions next time. Thanks

  12. Lynne

    This looks delicious! For people looking to substitute for the wine, I did a fair amount of experimenting when I switched to sobriety five years back and made the surprising discovery that apple juice actually works much better than wine in chicken dishes. The slight sweetness and fruity taste really pairs well.

  13. I have an aversion to chicken & rice dishes bc when I was a kid my mom started making a version which was just chicken thighs in white rice with chicken broth and the whole thing was then overbaked. The chicken would be dry, the rice would be soggy and every bite tastes exactly the same – flavorless. Since then, I’ve avoided the combination of chicken and rice but this recipe is making me re-think my stance!

  14. Katie

    Deb, I so appreciate the warmth, realness, care for others and great recipes you bring here. I wish you all the best on the Thanksgiving projects! May they be fun and productive for you while they help the rest of us!

  15. John Monguillot

    Anyone done this with cauliflower rice? Want to try it; looking for guidance when to add the faux rice to cook it but not over. Thanks!

    1. Melly

      I would probably cook the onions first and remove. Then brown the chicken. Then add back the onions and add some chicken stock (not as much as for the rice) to let it braise until the chicken is totally cooked. I would let the chicken stock reduce until there is very little liquid left. Remove the chicken, and stir the cauliflower rice into the onions and reduced stock mixture. Cook the cauliflower for maybe 5-10 minutes until you get it cooked to your liking. Then add the chicken back on too and hour done.

  16. anura

    Everyone here is compliant with unwashed rice? ;-) We make something similar but wash the rice thoroughly first. Good episode on The Splendid Table recently about rice with JJ Johnson. This is delicious surely and I never thought to freeze something like this. Great idea & as always rapturous writing and photography

    1. Kate

      I made this in my le creuset last night and it worked great. I took the skins off the bone in thighs and roasted them separately on a sheet pan while I was roasting some vegetables for a side. A nice crispy topping for a delicious dish. We all gobbled it up! I had to go to an early evening event so I actually cooked the onions down into buttery submission before I left and then finished the dish when I came home and it came together easily.

  17. Linette

    This was good! I didn’t find thighs with skin in the market, but skinless, boneless thighs worked just fine. Also, I had a bag of spinach that was about to go bad and I chopped that up and a handful of grape tomatoes and it was a great.

  18. NAnderson

    I love to spend all my free time in the kitchen, and love making your recipes. But what always gets me is your style of writing. I swear I can taste and smell what’s coming out of your kitchen. If I extra time in my day I hit the “surprise me” button just to read your writing. You have a true gift, Deb!

  19. Frances

    This is absolutely delicious, has an amazing deep nutty flavor I did not expect. It needs more liquid than the recipe calls for. My rice was not all fully cooked, but still was amazing.

  20. Patricia Whitener

    I have made many smitten kitchen recipes but this one was a bust for me. Chicken turned out great but rice was undercooked. I rinsed the rice before cooking and still had undercooked rice. I was also expecting a very rich, buttery taste of the onions and even added more butter at the end. Still no flavor. Very underwhelmed by this recipe and would not try again.

    1. Joanne

      My same problem. Cooked it about a half hour more (and added more l chicken broth) and there were still uncooked grains. Thought I followed the recipe to a tee but ??? The chicken was delicious as was the rice that was actually cooked.

  21. Allie

    Made it and it’s utterly delicious–

    My rice was also a tad undercooked after 25 minutes, so I added another 1/2 cup of boiling water and cooked another 6ish minutes.

    If anyone’s worried about it, just increase the broth by another half cup and cook it for 30ish minutes, I’d guess? Good GOD, the flavor was delicious.

    1. Tarrah

      So yummy and comforting. It seemed like you get a lot more rice than you need compared to chicken but I’m definitely not complaining. I could eat that rice every day. We fried some bacon into the leftover rice and it was goooood.

  22. TJ

    How on earth do you read my mind, halfway across the world?! I just made a similar chicken & onion dish from Senegal (Poulet Yassa) which has a nice whack of lemon to complement the sweetness of the onions and richness of the chicken, but I wanted to incorporate the rice into the main dish. Trying your clever method next. Thank you!

  23. Sharon

    Made this last night. My onions took a bit longer to caramelized, and at 25 minutes my rice was totally crunchy. Added an additional 1/4 cup broth, cranked the heat to med low and it was ready. I also felt the flavor was delicious but a little…flat? I’m not sure what the right acid would be, lemon seems out of place. Ideas?

    1. Laura Crocenzi

      The lemon isn’t out of place so go for it! I made this tonight for the first time. I didn’t have wine, so I added the juice of 1 lemon to brighten everything up and cut through some of the heaviness from all of that fat/butter. Lemon goes very well with chicken and thyme. YUM!

  24. Cheryl

    I have been making this exact same recipe for years except with pork chops and beef broth. It never occurred to me to do it with chicken, duh.
    I am sure we will love it

  25. Maggie Major

    This was a great, cozy comfort meal. My kids especially enjoyed it. My rice was a little under (even after leaving it on the stove for more than 30min resting) so next time I will add the full two cups of chicken stock in addition to the wine. And I did add the extra butter at the end and I’m glad I did! Thanks for the recipe!

    1. Emily

      Just made this today. In reading the reviews I heard a) crunchy rice and b) missing flavor (possibly acid). So I added more broth as it cooked based on need, cooked it in the oven as opposed to on the stovetop, and added fresh lemon juice in with the broth. Turned out fantastic!

      1. Courtney

        Making this now, I’ve added about 3/4 of a cup more broth and 15 more minutes and the rice is still crunchy. Added a bit more and crossing my fingers we have dinner we can eat soon.

  26. Kate

    I deviated from the recipe: kept onions in large pieces so those who don’t like can eat around them; added carrots and mushrooms; used boneless, skinless thighs; reduced rice to 1 cup because it just seemed right; it turned out very tasty! Definitely making this regularly in the cooler months.

  27. Susan

    I adore Smitten Kitchen recipes, but sadly, have to agree with the reviews that found the rice undercooked. I added more liquid, cooked more, and alas – crunchy rice.

  28. Allison Loh

    I love SK and have made many of her recipes. This was okay – a little bland. I made it as written with sushi rice and home made broth. It’s hard to go wrong with shmaltzy rice and onions but I thought the parts were better than the whole. I stir fried greens with fish sauce and rice vinegar and garlic to try to brighten it. Wouldn’t make again.

  29. judith

    this. was. delicious. i added extra thyme which really knocked it out of the park. this is now my last minute easy to make party favorite. flavorful and inexpensive.

  30. Amanda

    I thought this was delicious – in the best way it reminded me of and made me nostalgic for a ’90s dinner my mom made that consisted of minute rice and cream of mushroom soup. I used (5x rinsed) sushi rice because that’s what was on hand, and after reading the reviews added the broth (probably +1/3 cup vs. the recipe recommendation) and cooked the rice for 5 mins before adding the chicken and cooking for 25. That seemed to work for me – no crunchy rice. Thanks for the recipe and the memory!

  31. Jess

    I used Arborio rice so I needed to add an extra cup of broth (1/2 cup at a time) and cook an extra 10-15 minutes. However this meant the dish was basically risotto. It was delicious!!

    The one thing is we had tons of rice and onions left over, like enough for a whole other meal (2 parents and 2 young teens). Next time I would either make 2/3 the rice and onions or use boneless thighs for more meat.

    As someone else said, salt pretty generously throughout. Super yummy!

    1. Laura

      I also made this with Arborio rice and had the same liquid adjustments and cooking times as above, in case it is helpful for anyone. Added extra thyme and lemon at the end and finished with good salted butter. Agreed that it was delicious!

    2. Lynn Breitner

      I would take all that leftover rice & onions and make a fried rice the next day…just throw in some Asian veggies (snap peas, mushrooms, carrots, etc.) and sauté with a little sesame oil. Finish with a splash of soy and you’re good to go!!

  32. Suz

    Made this for dinner tonight, and it was lovely. I had a few mushrooms in the fridge so I sliced those and tossed them in. This is a keeper!

  33. Lynette

    This reminds me of a dish my mom would make back in the 1970s. She’d put chicken pieces or pork chops in a 9×13 pan over rice with some liquid and seasonings (all magic but possibly involving cream of mushroom soup), cover it, and pop it in the oven before we went to church on Sunday. When we got home, there was a delicious casserole waiting for us. I’ll never forget the flavor of that rice with the meat juices and seasoning baked in. Looking forward to trying it! Especially with broth and wine replacing the mushroom soup.

  34. Elsa

    Made this tonight and everyone agreed that the rice was incredible. Hands down the best rice I’ve ever made. I used jasmine rice and the full two cups of broth, plus the wine. I cooked it closer to low than to simmer, and in 20 mins the rice was perfect. In my opinion, the chicken itself wasn’t that exciting. Next time I might run the whole thing under the broiler to re-crisp the skin.

  35. Brit

    We made this on Saturday and it was phenomenal. So savory and comforting. Even my almost-three-year-old enjoyed it. Can’t wait to make it again when it’s officially cold outside. Perfect Sunday meal.

  36. Ruth

    I followed this recipe exactly and the results were so good that this is clearly being added to my rotation of family dinner favorites. It’s also incredibly easy and requires very little cook time for a rich, flavorful, “Sunday dinner” sort of dish.

    My rice required some additional cook time (still crunchy at 25 mins) and some additional liquid (my simmer temp on the stovetop was probably just a little too high).

    I love this recipe and look forward to “playing” with it in the future. It seems like the kind of dish that is crying out for some mushrooms, or spinach, or well…I anticipate that I’ll have plenty of iterations ahead of me to experiment!

  37. Deanna Wells

    This was such a cozy dinner! I used a whole chicken I cut into 10 pieces, so all meat preferences were accommodated. Other small changes were using sage instead of thyme because my thyme plant vanished, and dry vermouth instead of wine (something I learned from SK) because I had no open wine. Next time, I might try parcooking the rice while the onions brown for a crispy bottom layer because I love tahdig.

  38. Elle T

    Made this and it’s incredible! Tested out a few recommended additions: (1) thinly sliced, sautéed cremini mushrooms; (2) one finely shredded bunch of Tuscan kale, lightly sautéed with white miso and a splash of soy; (3) two deeply carmelised onions (more is more on the onion front!). All cooked separately in advance and added to the (Arborio) rice at the end with a splash of white wine vinegar. Thanks, Deb — this will be on repeat!!

  39. Aleta Yates

    I made this and it was delicious, but I was confused about one thing. I crisped the chicken up nicely, carefully poured the liquid around it, and put on the lid. Of course, when it was done, the skin was limp and soggy. I made it in a Le Creuset sauté pan, so I ran it under the broiler to re-crisp it a bit, but I would have preferred the original crispness.

    1. deb

      This is correct — the skin does not and will not stay as crisp as it was. If you’re baking chicken with anything around it and the lid on, the skin does not stay crisp. Any recipe that tells you otherwise is lying. :) The absolutely only way to keep chicken skin (that’s not breaded or coating with crisping agents) crisp is to roast it uncovered and eat it right away. That’s not what this recipe is, however. This recipe is closer to a braise and the browning in the first step is for flavor. The goal here is deep flavor and very juicy chicken.

  40. Katherine Klekas

    Could I make this with brown rice or another whole grain if I added enough broth and cooking time? What would you advise?

  41. Patty

    Delicious! I used brown rice, gave it about a 15 min head start before adding the chicken. Finished it in a 375 degree oven so it was hands off. Will add some peas or other green veg next time.

  42. Bailey

    Soooo good! The buttered onions are perfection.

    I accidentally added 1.5 cups of wine (oops!), so I added .5 cups of chicken broth and it was still delicious. I only cooked the rice at the end for ~15 minutes – glad I checked early because it was ready.

  43. Katharine

    I make a lot of dishes like this, where chicken cooks on top of rice, and something that I’ve found that the rice under the chicken cooks beautifully and rice that is not under the chicken ends up crunchy. So, sizing your pan appropriately for the amount of chicken you have is important! I’m frequently cooking just for me so if I’m making only a few chicken pieces I’ll snug them up on one side and then cut a half circle of parchment paper to rest over the rice on the other side. At the end I take the chicken and parchment off, stir all the rice together and let it cook another few minutes which softens any stray crunchy rice from the edges. Looks delicious – can’t wait to try this variation!

  44. Parin

    I made this and it was delicious! I did use wine and and 2 cups of chicken stock for 1.25 cups of rice. I baked it the oven at 375 uncovered for 30 minutes so that the chicken would stay crispy. And squeezed lemon juice on top after it came out of the oven.

  45. Kristin

    Made this last night … loved it! Rice was tender and flavorful; chicken (we only had the boneless, skinless thighs) turned out great, even though you were right … it was not as pretty. But still, the flavors were rich and delicious. Served with braised green beans … yummy!

  46. Wendy

    Made this for dinner tonight, and like others have mentioned I still had some crispy/uncooked rice at the end of 25 mins.
    Based on the comments, I used the 1/4 cup of wine, 2 cups of chicken broth, plus the extra 1/4 cup from the beginning.
    I ended up still adding another 1/4 cup of chicken broth letting it go another 15mins (checked at 10 and needed more time).

    I make a lot of Deb’s recipes and love them, but likely will not make this one again. Beyond the rice taking forever to cook, the end result was not worth the time.

  47. Tracie

    I made this last night, slightly worried about the comments saying it was “bland”. First of all, it was DELICIOUS!!! Secondly, the key to this dish is in its cooking. Deb mentions not scrimping on the chicken browning, for that adds a ton of flavor. But also, taking time to really cook/caramelize the onions. Holy moley, it was wonderful! The changes I made were minimal–used dried thyme rather than fresh and added it in with the onions to soften the herbs. Probably splashed a little extra wine in the pan. And, on the recommendation of another commenter, I added a splash of sherry vinegar at the end, although it probably didn’t need it. Next time I’ll likely use boneless/skinless thighs because chicken skin kinda skeeves me out, even knowing the flavor and schmaltz it adds. 10/10!!!

  48. LitProf

    Made _exactly_ as written and it was fragrant and comforting and tasty. I did have to add more chicken stock towards the end as the top layer of rice remained stubbornly undercooked, and my cooking time was a wee bit longer than the recipe recommends — but the house smelled wonderful and the kids all had seconds and I am going to add this one to the regular rotation!

    Deb, I wish there were space enough to thank you for all the ways you make our life better, happier, and yummier.

  49. Tracey

    Excellent! I followed the recipe exactly an found I needed maybe 1/3 cup extra liquid in the end and maybe 10 mins extra to get the rice totally soft, but this was super easy and delicious. I served it with roasted broccoli and look forward to eating it for several days in a row. Thanks, Deb!

  50. Angeliki

    I made this with a whole chicken, cut in parts. I didn’t add any rice to the pan, as we had plain leftover rice from another day, and had that soak up the juices from the pan. It was absolutely amazing. The onions really make this dish. Thanks, Deb!

  51. Holly Twitchell

    made this a few nights ago. It was a HUGE hit! Tender and delicious thighs and the buttery onions made the rice amazing! It might have also been even better the second night. :)

  52. Tatiana

    My grandmother used to make a dish like this, except she put it all in a lidded glass casserole dish and popped it into the oven. Thanks for reminding me of her. Definitely going to make this one.

  53. Julia R.

    Made this last night as written. Used the Better Than Bouillon trick. Very tasty! Any suggestions on the best way to chop all the onions? I had to resort to wearing swimming goggles as I was practically blinded by tears once I started chopping those pesky onions!

    1. Meghan B.

      I have a small (maybe 6” tall) fan I keep on a counter in the kitchen to stay cool, and by sheer luck realized that if the fan is set to blow towards the cutting board from the side, it blows the onion funk away. I’m usually pretty sensitive to onions but since I started using this method, there hasn’t been a single tear. It’s amazing!

    2. NJTree

      Julia R., I confess to using a whole (12oz) bag of frozen chopped onions from the grocery store just to avoid the prep-crying. YMMV but I won’t tell if you won’t. The finished dish is tasty, there are no tears & the only work is stripping the thyme leaves (which I think of as kitchen aromatherapy, so not really work at all).

  54. Made this tonight, with a few small tweaks. Subbed fresh tarragon for thyme since the store was out of the latter (which worked great), and found that the pan had quite a bit of fat in it after frying the thighs, so I didn’t add the extra 2 tbsp of butter (and didn’t miss it, still very rich). This may have been because my chicken thighs were quite small, so I used 8 for 2lbs, increasing the amount of fat rendered from the skin (I think). Like others, I found that my rice was undercooked at 25 minutes, so I followed the extra directions and it was perfect.

    At the end, I moved the chicken to a plate and added a touch more salt and a good squeeze of lemon to the rice, stirred, and added the chicken back in. Served with a very simple fennel salad (shaved fennel, orange segments, lemon juice, white wine vinegar, olive oil, salt) to cut the richness. Really enjoyed this.

  55. sarah

    oh! I have a dish similar to this, but it’s a whole chicken with the rice underneath. it is astonishingly rich with the drippings and everything. one of my favorite cold weather meals!

  56. Bentley

    Made this mashed up with the harissa pot roast from keepers, using 1 lb beef stew meat. I love chicken thighs but I am cleaning out the freezer so beef it was. Out of wine so used rye to deglaze, used 1 qt beef stock and medium grain rice, added 1/2 c tomato sauce, about 1 lb of carrots in 1/2″ coins and a trimmed head of garlic, baked at 350 for almost 2 hours and yum. The onions are just wonderful, especially with the garlic mashed up in there too.

  57. Sherry

    Oh boy! I made this last night for my two sons, their partners, and my three grandchildren ranging in age from 1 to 4 yrs old. EVERYone loved it!!!!! I obviously doubled the recipe in two pans, so it kept me busy until simmer time. As Deb said, you can make many variations of this recipe, but when pleasing a crowd, the simpler the better. I used the 2 cups of broth. The rice was definitely cooked and very moist as I rested it for only 5 minutes. I’m not sure if it is meant to end up a bit drier, but my family really loved it this way, and it’s likely why it reheats so well. I’d make it the same way again. This is definitely going on regular dinner rotation at this house!

  58. Kristin

    Just made this;,waiting to eat as rice is still crunchy. I suspect the culprit is too much fat. I was worried about how much fat was in the pan after cooking the onions, so I pulled some out but it was still very oily. Deb, I’m curious how much fat you would say is typically in the pan when you cook the onions (after you add the extra 2 Tbs butter). I guess some chicken thighs are leaner than others. I make your stuck pot rice all the time, and also plain steamed rice (all varieties, white and brown) and I never have a problem with undercooked rice. For what it’s worth, I used short/medium grain Calrose rice in this, though I really wanted to try it with Basmati.

  59. Alice

    I love Deb and almost all recipes on smitten kitchen and the cookbooks. This was a huge fail for me and I’m a pretty good cook. The issue was the rice, when you place the chicken back in the skillet (I used 10” stainless steel with 3 in depth), the top rice simply didn’t cook, especially the rice that stuck to the chicken when you place it. After 30 minutes on the lowest simmer, rice was crunchy and chicken not done at the bone. I removed the chicken, added more broth and stirred around, replaced the lid for 15 mins. What was left was gluey rice plus crunchy rice. I replaced the chicken and did 15 more with more broth and it was decent chicken with wallpaper paste rice mixed with grape nuts like rice. I think cooking rice and onions separately and finishing chicken in oven might work, but my first smitten absolute fail. I threw it away.

  60. Deborah Vieira Biggs

    My fam of 7 loved this! I used chicken legs and jasmine rice, and both were cooked and perfect by 25 min. the rice at bottom got browned and a bit fried- super delicious. I served with lemon wedges for adults but was delicious either way. My pickiest wouldn’t touch the rice due to the onions mixed in, so may try thin onion slices next time so I can pull out (though then the med pickies prob won’t eat because they’ll notice them so ??). Thx for a super easy one dish meal! Def going into rotation. 🙏🙏

  61. Sharon

    I made this recipe last night. I found it pretty easy and everything cooked fine. I thought it was good but missing something… a vegetable maybe, mushrooms, garlic. I will try again but will try to add a few other components.

    It does remind me of a rice casserole I made years ago using french onion soup mix and beef broth.

  62. Emalee

    I just made this in preparation for the babysitter to have a good meal with my kids tonight, for her to reheat, (and tasted a small portion) so I love that those instructions were included, although to be honest it’ll prob be microwaved to be reheated. I used boneless skinless chicken thighs, so I didn’t brown them as Deb recommended, and I used brown rice instead of white rice. I cooked it in a dutch oven. The rice took AGES to cook, way longer than 25 minutes, probably closer to 50, and now I have it sitting in the pot with the heat off because there’s a bit more broth left, but the chicken doesn’t seem too dry. I definitely need to add more salt. Very easy, would make again!

  63. I followed Deb’s instructions exactly and it was fabulous! My husband and I both loved it the first night, and also the leftovers.
    I didn’t have any trouble with undercooked rice. When I put the chicken on top of the rice to simmer, I used a spoon to push any rice on top of the chicken back down in the broth.

  64. deb

    I am curious for those who found their rice undercooked what kind you used? I’m showing jasmine here but I’ve made it with basmati and almost every kind of med/long-grain white rice. (I presume we all know that risotto-style takes longer to cook.)

    1. Meghan B.

      I had crunchy rice, and then once that top layer was finally cooked (by adding an extra cup of liquid in increments), overcooked rice on the bottom. I used a long grain white rice (maybe basmati?). I usually rinse it well and cook it in a scant 2:1 ratio of liquid to rice (8 oz rice = 16 oz liquid), and with my measuring cups, 1.5 cups = ~10 oz rice so 2 cups wasn’t out of the realm of possibility of working. I used a 3 qt straight side sauté pan that’s quite sturdy (although not cast iron) so I think the wide, shallow pan was a big part of the problem. I want to try it again though, because it tasted so good! Maybe next time I’ll try soaking the rice for a bit and mixing it well with the stock in the pan before adding the chicken. 🤔

    2. Alex

      Jasmine rice, but I had wondered if my undercooked rice was due to my pan potentially being differently shaped? Your pictured pan seems maybe a little shallower than the dutch oven I used, so maybe the distribution of the liquid was different.

      OR, the fact that I have an electric stove, maybe, which always feels like cooking blind, IMO. (If I wasn’t renting, and could choose, of course I’d choose gas, but electric is what I always wind up with in apartments.)

  65. Kacie

    I made this tonight but had to leave for my yoga class so couldn’t sit down with my husband for dinner. I got home and the first thing he said to me was, “The meal you made tonight was the most amazing thing ever!” What an amazing review 😊 thanks for such a great meal, Deb!

  66. Joan

    Everyone loved it! Followed the recipe, no subs or changes, and this is just a perfect family meal. The fried chicken thighs and browning onions filled the house with succulent smells as everyone got home and then there was time to catch up on our days while the rice simmered. Incredible flavor. Definitely a keeper. Served with a simple tossed green salad. There was some major stove clean up after frying the chicken but as much as I try to avoid that, I’m here to say, the clean up was worth it. SK, thanks for sharing such a great recipe that makes me feel so happy and proud to feed to my family.

  67. Emily

    First of all – the flavor you get out of this recipe with so few ingredients is truly mind blowing. I cannot wait to make this again! However, like most other commenters, I followed the recipe exactly but my rice was VERY crunchy after 25 minutes. Another 5-7 minutes of simmering with additional liquid helped, but unfortunately there was still a lot of crunch. Next time I may let the rice simmer on its own for 5-10 minutes before adding the chicken to the pan to avoid overcooking.

  68. Holly McDade

    I followed the instructions to a T and my rice was mushy and the bottom of my pan (a Dutch oven which is mentioned in the comments as a good option) had a layer of burned rice. How can I avoid the mush rice – less than 25 minutes simmer time? And the burned rice on the bottom didn’t show up until after the simmer. Fortunately it was so burned on that it didn’t ruin the batch and we had delicious, albeit mushy, rice and chicken.

  69. Kat D

    Love this recipe as a new weeknight cooking technique. One pan! I added some shredded zucchini with the onions, to use them up, and some dehydrated cherry tomatoes with the rice for color.
    Going into the box of dinner skills.


  70. melissa montgomery

    Fab! Pretty presentation, one pot, great flavor. Already made twice and would change nothing way recipe is written. Served with steamed broccoli.

  71. Absolutely delicious! I see this recipe being a part of our regular rotation, especially during the winter months. It is a total comfort dish!
    Thanks Deb!

  72. Anjali

    This is delicious, and the house smelled amazing while I made it. For those looking to make it with brown rice, plan on a low simmer for about an hour after the part where you add that ingredient. I roasted vegetables at the same time, but a green salad with a vinaigrette dressing would also balance out the buttery flavor nicely.

  73. AR

    Great tasting recipe! Our son’s eyes rolled back in his head upon first bite of the rice. My only note is to finish the whole pan under the broiler for up to five minutes (keep an eye on it). It’s a shame to let all that hard earned crispy chicken skin go to waste.

  74. Faith Bledsoe

    I’m a long-time user of your recipes Deb! I continue to hope that there will be a “print the recipe” button! I know others have requested this in the past. Am I missing it somewhere?

  75. Mia

    This was delicious with a few tweaks!

    I used a large saute pan and after getting everything going, no matter what I did, the rice in the center of the pan was cooking but around the edges — nothing. I’ll blame it on my crappy NYC apartment stove for having a small element. Instead, I turned the oven to around 350 and threw the whole pan in there with foil crimped around the top. Even so, the rice cooked unevenly and I ended up adding a full two additional cups of broth (!!!) — once the chicken was done I finished the rice on the stove with the additional broth, stirring it often almost like a risotto.

    I added a generous squeeze of lemon and a hefty spoon of calabrian chilis and it was delicious, but I would approach the cooking portion of this differently in the future to avoid the unevenly cooked rice situation.

  76. Didn’t have thyme and substituted tarragon. Made the recipe otherwise as written (except for an additional pour or two of wine) and it was divine! The tarragon was a happy, sophisticated, decadent accident.

  77. Lori OBrien

    I made this last night and it was fantastic! I did add a couple of dollops of butter as it was resting and it was delicious. Also, when Deb says salt and pepper generously, follow that advice! We just started eating it and my husband says, “It’s good”. I told him to add salt and he said “Wow! That makes such a difference!”

  78. Moriah K.

    This was absolutely delicious, and I am adding this to my recipe box. I had no issues with undercooked rice (used organic jasmine rice with 2 cups of water @ 25 minutes + 5 minute rest).

    I didn’t have fresh thyme, so I used fresh oregano instead. I didn’t have white wine, so I used the suggested sub (white wine vinegar + a pinch of sugar). I added in a bit of garlic with the rice and herbs.

    Served with a squeeze of lemon juice and more oregano.

    Yummy! I enjoyed how much the caramelized onions shined and especially next to the chicken (which I browned and crisped DEEPLY, super flavorful on its own!). I’ll try some other flavor combinations in the future, but this will remain the base. Easy and delicious.

  79. Dawn

    This is my first SK recipe that didn’t come out perfectly. Even with the addition of the extra broth, the additional cooking time and 10 minutes of rest, my rice was still crunchy (even though all of the liquid had absorbed). The chicken was cooked well and the flavors were excellent. Next time I will start with the 2 1/4 cups of broth, extend the initial cook time by 5 minutes and see how that works.

    1. Sara

      This was delicious! For those that felt it was bland or lacking something in flavor, I would say that each component definitely needs to be well -seasoned since it’s such a simple dish. Don’t be shy with the salt & pepper here! We found it to be very flavorful. I would also look at the seasoning levels of your broth and adjust accordingly.

      My only complaint is that I hate how you end up with rubbery chicken skin due to cooking it covered so I probably will try with skinless thighs next time. Just seems like a waste of good skin (love it when it’s crispy!)

  80. Joanne

    I was inspired by Deb’s encouragement to focus on how a dish tastes, smells and feels in the making, and turned to this recipe last night for some much-needed comfort cooking. It was just the thing. Thank you.

  81. morna

    this was awesome. i used basmati rice which was great and added fresh tarragon which i highly recommend if you’ve got it – totally elevated the dish

  82. Christine

    Easy recipe and fun to make, especially when you have all that extra wine! End result reflected the warm and cozy description. Don’t forget to top with the reserved onions, they make all the difference! Made it in a cast iron pan and loved the crispy rice at the bottom. Used Basmati – it was perfectly done after 25 minutes. I can see this appealing to picky eaters, and also is keeper basic recipe that can be tweaked as desired. My house smells so good!

  83. Judith Gorman

    I made this tonight. Absolutely delicious. A real comfort food. Will make again. I used a good vermouth instead of wine because I didn’t want to open a bottle.

  84. SVF

    I’ll definitely be making this one again! My 81 year old Father grew onions in his garden that average about 1 lb each, which made this extra special. Next time I will probably stir in the broth a bit. It seemed to have trouble reaching the bottom of the pan, where the best juices were.

  85. Jen

    I made this over the weekend, just using a little extra broth instead of wine since I was out. I also put the whole shebang into the oven after I added the broth because I was afraid that I would burn the rice (which I’ve done with other similar recipes).

    I’m pleased to say the results were delicious and this is definitely going into my rotation. We equally loved the similar recipe from Smitten Kitchen Keepers that uses chorizo in with the rice.

  86. Betsy D

    Thinking about trying this with mushroom broth. And wondering if I can adapt for the Instant Pot. I make arroz con pollo that way and never have the crunchy rice issue.

    1. Betsy D

      At 1.5 cups liquid to every cup of rice, this cooked perfectly at high pressure for 6 minutes, and waiting to release the pressure for another 10. I’m bad at rice so I was happy to make it in the Instant Pot.

      1. NJTree

        Thank you Betsy D! Will be trying your IP instructions next time I make this comforting yumminess – mostly because I labor under an unreasonable, beady-eyed obsession with using the IP.

  87. Jessica

    This was dead simple and really delicious! I used boneless skinless thighs and I did brown them on one side. I didn’t find they they overcooked. I added Ajika (Georgian) seasoning from Trader Joe’s instead of thyme. We had jasmine rice, so that’s what I used. No white wine. I can see making this over and over again – it’s so versatile and simple!

  88. Nancy in CA

    I came here looking for the Spiced Applesauce Cake that popped on FB yesterday, and this looked me in the eye and demanded I make it NOW – except of course we just picked up our ranch-raised lamb and we have lamb from last night that wants finishing.

    That said, this has to be made tomorrow, and my brain wants mushrooms in it, and probably some torn kale (we have an embarrasing amount of lacinato kale in the garden). I will report back!

  89. Carly

    I undercooked the rice a bit (focus when you are tasting at the end of 25 minutes!) but this is a genuinely delicious meal. Also added carrots toward the end of the onion saute time and frozen peas right at the very very end (maybe this is where I went wrong with the rice?) Easy to make but does take a minute. I appreciate a recipe that leaves me time to clean up in the midst of cooking. Will very likely make again.

  90. Shweta

    This was amazing. I did change the recipe so much that it’s not the same dish – but I used the same techniques and basic ingredients. We’re Indian and so I did the onions with butter and added cumin, paprika, coriander seed powder and garlic paste. Then I threw in some old marinated chicken thighs from the freezer (we had marinated them with yogurt and spicy Indian tomato pickle). Then added rice and low and slow until the bottom caramelized. YUM!!! Thank you 🙏

  91. Richard Armaugh

    Very Low Carb Diet: I made this dish today adapting it to suit my very low carb diet using cauliflower rice instead. You have to adjust liquids as the cauliflower rice does not need the liquid to cook (as it is not absorbed) and reduce the cooking time since the cauliflower rice is ready in about 8 minutes. The dish came out really tasty.

  92. Marina

    The flavor of this recipe is top-tier. I increased the amount of onion to better use up what we had, but I probably should have chopped them into smaller pieces because it took about 30-35 minutes for them to brown properly (don’t skimp on this though, it’s totally worth it). The rice was a bit crunchy at 25 minutes, like many other commenters have also experienced. A quarter cup more broth and 5 more minutes of cooking took care of that…until I realized the rice at the bottom of the pan was very browned, close to burned.

    But here’s the thing—the flavor was so good that we did. not. care. I’m going to play around with the heat level on that final simmer a little bit to try to avoid the rice issues (making this dish on my boyfriend’s wonky stove the first time did not help matters, I’m sure), but it’s absolutely worth the trouble of perfecting it. I’ll be making it again this week for meal prepped lunches.

  93. E

    So, this was pretty good. Based on others’ comments about the rice, I cut the rice to 1 cup and increased liquid to 2 cups, plus the wine. However, we still ended up adding another 1/2 cup of water during the cooking process. The meal was good, but not packed with flavor. I think baking in the oven might solve the rice issue, but haven’t tried it yet.

  94. Jamie

    I made this last night, but I added chopped carrots and celery with the onions and cooked my rice separate. I put the chicken with veggies over the rice- IT WAS AMAZING. I didn’t expect how flavorful it is really is! I can’t wait to eat lunch leftovers :)!! I will try to cook the rice next time!

  95. Katrina

    Leaving a comment because I did one of Deb’s anticipated questions: using boneless chicken cutlets (only because my family doesn’t like the skin-on thighs…sigh).

    Now, I trust Deb’s recommendations wholeheartedly but the comments had me nervous, and I was already taking a step away from the recipe, as is. That said, I first browned the chicken for color (again, despite recommendation) and then made the rice with a 2-1 ratio. However, based on the crunchy comments I decided to let the rice cook on its own over the stove and then popped the chicken in the oven to finish cooking. This takes away from the one-pot dish-ness, but I figured better safe than sorry. The rice was cooked perfectly, as was the chicken.

    I also noted many commented about how plain this dish was. I’d agree, but think when there are so few ingredients you really have to use the best ones. This sounds very Ina Garten, but this was a recipe when I absolutely pulled out homemade stock and really let the onions go until they were dark and soft.

    Overall, this was a comforting, homey recipe.

  96. Rheannon

    I made this as written except that I reduced the amount of onions because I only had just under 2 lbs of thighs and I didn’t want the onions to overwhelm the dish. Otherwise, this was easy and fun to make and it was absolutely delicious. Things I would do differently next time (and there will be a next time) is use more chicken, at least 2 1/2 lbs and keep the onion amount reduced. I used 1 1/2 lg onions and that was plenty. Oh, and I might wait to add the chicken back in until the rice has cooked a bit, as it was a tad overcooked by the time the rice was done. As written though, excellent recipe. Definitely a keeper.

  97. Jess.

    Haven’t made this yet, but we are going through a major onions phase at our house, so hopefully soon. Reminds me of a couscous recipe I make (sometimes with rice instead) that calls for capers. Might be that acidic “pop” some people are looking for. I like to drain them, but not rinse them. xox

  98. Karen Johnston

    Making this for dinner tonight! Decided to add thinly sliced fennel, artichoke hearts and castelvetrano olives to the mix. Maybe some tomatoes to finish? Taking your dish in a different direction, but hopefully it’ll be great!

  99. emilyadi

    This was absolutely delicious! 2 cups of broth was perfect. I think I’ll check it at 20 minutes next time as it was definitely done at 25, and maybe add a little lemon. This is definitely a keeper for the dinner rotation. Thanks!

  100. Jennyquack

    I was skeptical of this…how can something so simple be so good? OMG it is stunningly good!! Like ‘company you want to impress’ good. I only had boneless, skinless thighs, and next time I will use more, but it was just wonderful!

  101. Mary Young

    I made this excellent dish with one change: added fresh mushrooms to the onions! This is so good & easy. The whole family devoured it. Thanks so much! A++++

  102. Annalisa

    So I did this with brown basmati rice and boneless chicken breasts. I browned the chicken breasts first then set aside while I did the onions (and some mushrooms that I added). Then before adding the liquid to the rice, I put my chicken breasts back on top of the rice, poured the liquid in and covered, etc. But I took the chicken off after 25 minutes and set aside while the rice kept cooking (it took an hour total for the brown rice to cook and I’d recommend stirring well when you take the chicken off as it was cooking quite unevenly for some reason). Then, when rice was done, I just popped the chicken back into the pot and covered to let it rest and warm the chicken a bit. Worked very nicely!

  103. Mary

    This was amazing. I made it as written. I tried your reheating method and it just wasn’t the same the next day. I am trying to figure out how to make it for guests without cooking it stovetop, last minute. Thoughts on starting stovetop and finishing the cooking in the oven?

  104. Lacey H

    I made this last night with roasted delicata squash as a side and the whole thing was amazing. The flavor really reminds me of James Beard’s insanely decadant pasta with buttered onions (I think it would be amazing with madeira instead of white wine?), but it’s lighter and so much simpler.

    I think I’ll use even more liquid than the increased amount in the future because for whatever reason (probably either my burner not heating as evenly, or perhaps something about my rice), my rice was still undercooked in spots with the increased amount and increased cook time in the recipe. I think next time I’ll rinse the rice, use a full 2.5 cups of broth, mix the broth into the rice before returning the chicken to make sure the rice is getting evenly distributed broth, and take it to at least 30 minutes of simmering as a baseline.

  105. Rebecca

    I love Love this recipe! Well done! The bonus hack on the better than bouillon (cook with the aromatics) is genius! I have been do this with every dish that calls for broth. Bravo!

  106. Nicole

    Add this with brown rice instead. I nearly doubled the water, and it was too much, so we had to cook it down for a bit. But it was super good. My kid who loves more interesting flavors as well as the one who prefers to stick to traditional flavors both really liked it. It reminded me (in a good way) of a rice a roni I used to love. But this was much healthier and yummier!

  107. Elizabeth

    OMG this is so delicious! I’ve made it twice now, and stuck pretty much to the letter of the recipe, though I use skinless, boneless thighs. I also brown them up a bit so I get the lovely brown bits to stir into my onions. And, just an aside, when the dish is done, I sort of “shred” the chicken in the pan before serving. The one add I’ve made is topping (on the plate, not in the pan) with an abundance of toasted French’s fried onions! So yummy! Thanks for this one, Deb!!

  108. Jen B.

    I followed this to a T tonight. But the chicken and the rice were not cooked through so we finished it off in the oven at 350. Not sure if I had the flame too low on simmer. Flavor was amazing. I used sherry wine instead of white wine which made it a bit too sweet. Will try again with a different cut of chicken. Love you Deb!

  109. Heather

    I’ve made this twice now. I agree it needs a bit of acid, and sweetness. So don’t skip the wine. I also added (i) frozen corn kernels (at the same time I added the rice), (ii) a generous tablespoon of Dijon mustard (just before pouring in the broth) and (iii) some rainins (also when pouring in the broth). It was delicious and it makes great leftovers.

  110. Michele Combs

    “I feel staunchly that one way we can make cooking feel like more than just a list of endless tasks to complete…is to focus on how it feels to make something that tastes, smells, and feels phenomenal…

    This, yes, 1000 percent! Cooking can be such a sensory explosion, such a decadent descent into smells, tastes, textures, sounds — very satisfying :)

  111. Melissa Crawford

    I made this tonight and my son and husband couldn’t get enough. I loved the ease of one pan – the dish is so simple and yet so delicious! I did need to add a little extra stock, but kudos! I think this will become part of our regular rotation!

  112. Ellen T.

    I made this for dinner tonight and it is going into my “keepers” notebook. Yummy and quite easy. I served some pre-cooked beets on the side. It was a dinner that checked all the boxes – came together easily, easily available ingredients and good nutrition. I think that skin-on, bone-in thighs are essential.

  113. Kathie

    I made this tonight…sorta. I didn’t have rice, so I used Pearl couscous and adjusted the time accordingly. I also don’t like butter, so I used my garlic oil. I did use some chicken stock that was low sodium, but it still ended up being a bit salty for my taste. But thank you for the idea! I have two more servings as leftovers so I look forward to adding some fresh vegetables to it!

    1. Kathie

      Leftover update! I roasted some broccoli and toasted some pumpkin seeds and added it to my leftovers, which I put in the microwave for several minutes. It all worked out really great! I also added a hint of lime juice to the whole mix and that really complimented the other flavors. So yummy

  114. PJ86

    This is absolutely divine, and so easy! My husband had dinner twice last night, so now I don’t have leftovers for lunch! I had some really sad looking mushrooms so I cooked them with the onions, and the earthiness worked really, really well.

  115. Jean Rodriguez

    I made this the other night and it was amazing! My family loves rice, usually I don’t, but this was very tasty! Followed the recipe as written and everything was cooked perfectly.

  116. Barbara

    Congratulations on William Sonoma. I have been following you since before your (GOD is he 14?) son was born. So happy to see all your accomplishments.

  117. Catie

    A number of folks talking about undercooked rice, but I actually found the two cups of liquid to be too much! I think that’s an indication that Deb’s suggested range is quite good, and you just need to tweak based on your own rice and vessel. Rice seems like it should be a science, but feels like it almost never works out that way in practice (*shrug*). I used a Dutch oven and had the upper end of the recommended range of chicken, so maybe those were factors? Who knows…I’ll definitely make this again, and this is just a useful data point.

    Thanks Deb, as always, for a fabulous recipe!

  118. Nicole

    I made just finished eating this and my god for such a simple recipe the rice is divine. I had to stop myself from eating too much so the leftovers will be abundant. The onions just melt in your mouth and the flavour is incredible. I’m not usually a fan of cooking skin-on chicken in a way that leaves it not crispy but I just cut it up, softness and all, and ate it with the rice. A side of roasted broccoli and we were all set. Will definitely be making multiple times this winter.

  119. Kelly

    This was very easy to adapt to the instant pot – use the sauté function for browning the chicken and the onions and reduce the broth to 1.5 cups. After adding the chicken and broth, cook on high pressure for 14 mins. Tasty!

  120. Marilyn Maxim

    I made this for exactly as written tonight for dinner guests and it was a big hit. They immediately asked for the recipe. I loved it too!

  121. Carrie

    I made this yesterday and it was so tasty! I could only get skinless thighs (bone in) and browned them anyway and it still turned out great, really moist and rich. The rice did need a bit more time (watch out for the grains that find their way to the top of the chicken) and I finished it in the oven as the bottom layers seemed to be cooking so much faster than the top. It was a bit salty but that’s likely due to the homemade stock I used. Per some of the other feedback, added some squeezes of lemon at the end for an acid and served with roasted greens.
    10/10 will make again, thank you for this!

  122. Cara

    I made this with double the chicken (about 8 thighs) and the same amount of rice. I soaked the rice in water while searing the chicken and cooking the onions and added a smidge more chicken stock that recipe calls for. It was all fantastic – the onions add so much amazing flavor!

  123. LitProf

    I’ve made this three times now and the last version included a pound of delicious mushrooms that I sautéed in the rendered chicken fat with the rice. Deglazed with a generous pour of Vouvray.

    I used 1T butter and a glut of EVOO and didn’t add any more after browning the chicken thighs. I also made 6 thighs this time (browned in 2 batches) so there would be an higher meat-to-rice ratio. Family devoured it. As ever with a Deb recipe, everything was fantastic.

  124. Elizabeth Schroeder

    This was absolutely delicious, and keeps on giving. I always make enough for lunch the next day and increased the recipe somewhat. I don’t know if my proportions for rice were off, but I had enough to not only go with leftover chicken, but I also mixed it with plain leftover rice later in the week to go with another meal and it still retained that wonderful flavor. I just ate the rice for the fourth time this week and am not tired of it, rather am inspired to leave a rare comment!

  125. Erika Heller

    One of the few SK recipes that I did not enjoy. Made as written. Results were too oily a mouth feel, basmati rice cooked unevenly, and flavor was very one note. On the positive side, it was a breeze to throw together.

  126. Emily

    Wow, I had some chicken legs sitting in the fridge so came here for some inspiration and this recipe was the first one on the site, so I had to make it. It was DELICIOUS! I used two full legs (thighs/drums) and used leeks instead of onion, because they were kind of old and starting to look scraggly. But otherwise kept everything as written, and it was super easy and took maybe 35-40 minutes total. This one is definitely going in the rotation.

  127. Caroline

    Made this dish today, oh my, it’s so delicious! I used boneless and skinless thighs and brown them for a shorter time, followed the rest of the recipe and it came out perfect.

  128. MMM

    So, so, SO good. Instant hit with my family. I used BS thighs and red wine. Everyone significantly preferred it to the similar (but fancier) Keepers recipe with chorizo. LOVE YOU, DEB!

    1. soshedances1126

      Made this tonight, we liked it quite a bit! It is, admittedly, not the most visually appealing thing I’ve ever made but the rice with the buttered onions is really delicious. We LOVE crispy chicken skin and hate wasting it, so I actually seared the chicken off, pulled the skin off and finished crisping it, then kept it separate and used it to garnish the finished chicken after braising. Kind of fussy, but added some nice texture and would probably do it that way again. Rice cooked fine for me with updated amounts of broth, but I’m usually very on top of taste testing rice because it doesn’t love to be consistent for me. I threw some sherry vinegar in with the wine as I find it goes well with both chicken and thyme, and figured a little extra acid wouldn’t hurt such a buttery rich dish.

  129. RAD diy Chef

    This was a really elegant but pretty simple weekday meal. Next time, I think I will stick with the two cups of broth but only make 1 cup of rice. We had way more rice than we needed for four people and also I had to add extra broth as the rice was not done when the chicken was.

  130. Jen

    I love so many Smitten Kitchen recipes, but unfortunately this was a rare one that didn’t work for me, as some of the rice was still crunchy and under cooked at the end, despite using the updated broth amount. I added more broth and kept cooking it, as suggested, but some of it just became mushy, and the rest still had too much bite. We ate it, but won’t make it again. Deb has so many winners. I will stick to those instead.

  131. Shanna

    This is the dreamiest, schmaltziest, most comforting dish I think I’ve ever made. And I honestly started out doubtful that such a simple chicken and rice skillet could be as delicious as claimed. It will definitely be in the regular rotation from now on!

    1. deb

      You really want to braise the chicken in the broth, but cooked rice won’t need broth so while you can definitely make a dish that won’t taste bad, it’s not exactly this.

  132. Yi

    I made this! It was so decadent and rich lol. I was scared to add vegetables except for cherry tomatoes because someone in the comments mentioned. I added a lot of lemon which really helps with the richness.

    What I would do in the future is potentially add mushrooms and or cabbage if I wanted to add a one pot type meal.

    The technique of face down browning thighs was really helpful because I had never done it before.

    Overall an amazingly rich comfort food dish!

  133. Laura in CA

    Made with boneless, skinless chicken thighs. I still browned it but just for less time. The family declared it a winner and said it should be a weekly dish. I love the one pot meal! I felt like I made such a fancy meal but it was so easy. Thanks, Deb!!

  134. Kate

    Oh my goodness! This was fantastic! So cozy and delicious! I ended up cooking the rice a little longer than 25 minutes and it was perfect.

  135. Sharon Byrne

    This was delicious!!!! So easy, only a few ingredients and all in one pot! Will definitely be making this on repeat this winter. Thank you for another great recipe :)

  136. Sara

    I took Deb seriously when she said “any type” of white rice and ended up making this with the odds and ends of several nearly empty bags that I had in the pantry – roughly equal parts jasmine rice, Basmati rice, Calrose short-grain rice, and Thai sweet rice… and it was delicious. Having read other comments, I expected that the rice (of varying types) might need a little additional time – I used 2 c chicken stock and 1/4 c dry vermouth – and it did, about 5 minutes extra. This dish was so comforting and rich, and made a TON. Will definitely do again. Follow the recipe carefully – things like “don’t skimp on the color” and tasting for additional salt and adding “lots of black pepper” make a difference, I’d imagine. I allowed 90 minutes for cooking, didn’t skimp on color on the chicken nor rush the onions, figured the Frankenrice medley would be done when it was done – and ate dinner so happily. A green salad with a sharp vinaigrette was a great accompaniment.

  137. that was delicious. thank you!!! it’s the end of chanterelle season out here in the PNC. I added them with the onions and couldn’t help but add a splash of cream with the broth for a bit more comfort food affect. my crew loved it and to top the ziplock freezer bag, I anticipated and put it in a pyrex. I have been looking for a chix and rice recipe for a long time. this one is it! nailed it, Deb. thank you.

  138. Lisa Tarantola

    This recipe was excellent!! Use the stated amount of onion. Do not hesitate. I looks like too much onion but it is not at all. The onions cook down to an almost jammy consistency. My only alteration was to add a sprinkle of Tony C’s at the end.

  139. Pink Alpaca

    So many different cultures have versions of chicken and rice/ arroz con pollo for a reason. It’s delicious! Excited to try this one.

  140. Jen

    I have made this several times now–it has quickly become a family favorite. Not only is it very flavorful, but I love that there aren’t many ingredients and they are all inexpensive pantry items, so I can make this at the drop of a hat. The concept is also similar to a Smitten Kitchen dish from the 3rd cookbook that includes chorizo, which I also loved a lot.
    The only change I make is that after I have returned the chicken to the pan and added the broth ( I add a little more than what’s listed here), I cover it and put in in a hot oven to finish cooking. It finishes beautifully and I don’t need to be nervous about burning the rice on the bottom (which I did the first time I made the chorizo version).

  141. Ceylon

    I’m not one for leaving comments on anything but I felt I really had to given the reviews of this recipe. This was absolutely delicious. I cooked this as written and used basmati rice. My family of food snobs also thought this dish was outstanding. I think seasoning the dish throughout as Deb describes is critical as is taking the effort to brown the onions. This is a dish of simple ingredients and that’s why it’s important to take the time to cook each element as intended. I did make one adjustment. I did recrisp the chicken skin before serving. A winner of a dish!

  142. Valentina Rossi

    After reading all the comments, i made this dish with a few alterations, including starting it on the stove but finishing in the oven at 375 for 30 min, reducing the amount of rice to about 1.25 cups, and adding some vegetables and seasoning (i.e., smoked pimenton and cilantro in lieu of thyme).

    I’m very happy with a delicious one-pot meal, and the rice cooked up just fine!

  143. SB

    Made just the rice part and made it it vegan.
    Used vegan butter and olive oil, lots of shallots instead of onions, added a couple teaspoons of better-than-bouillon during the last minute of cooking the shallots.
    So good!!!
    Ate with black-eyed peas and collard greens and macerated cherry tomatoes.

  144. Pam

    Made this last night and very happy with the results. So delicious I want to make it again asap. It will definitely be added to my rotation. The onions were melting in my mouth delicious. I had a very hard time not eating the ones that were set aside while the dish cooked.

    A couple of things I changed. First, I love crispy chicken skin so I actually removed it and fully crisped it – it created a lot of delicious frond for the onions so I did deglaze when I added the onions. Second, I only had red wine open so I used that (high acid pinot noir with no oak). Otherwise made exactly as written. Next time, I will just go with 2.5 cups of broth to start because I ended up adding that much at least to get the rice tender.

  145. Deb

    Delicious just as written! I served it with roasted cabbage (recipe from this site – Roasted Cabbage w/ Walnuts & Parmesan). Dinner was all so good!!

  146. May

    Made this tonight for the first time and it came out so well and was super super easy. I had a little less chicken than the 2.5 lbs and decreased the rice a bit. I might have over-guess-timated the chicken stock so the rice came out a tiny bit oily/rich. I ended up adding a little leftover white rice to dilute the oil. But my picky tween LOVED it despite initially looking at the recipe and declaring that it “looked gross”. This is a TOTAL keeper!